The Creative Connection Group Art Therapy Course


The Creative Connection

Transformation and Healing Through Creative Art Therapy.

 An introductory course to group art therapy. This course offers:

6 weekly 1.5hr group art therapy sessions. The group will meet every consecutive Thursday evening starting on Thursday the 10/10/19 from 7pm-8.30pm

 Cost:    €220 for all 6 sessions

€100 deposit required before commencement of group.

 Venue: The Dublin Creative Therapy Centre

No.3 Great Denmark Street,

Dublin 1


087 979 0486

The Dublin Creative Therapy Centre is pleased to introduce this special introductory offer to group art therapy. The Creative Connection is based on the belief that we all have an unlimited resourse of creative potential within us; this innate creative potential is transformative in its ability to heal, express, grow and cultivate a more compassionate self.

The Creative Connection is designed tofoster a rich relationship of discovery and support within the group, group art therapy tends to provide a wider range of responses and expression as we realise we are not alone in our humanness, or in our experiences and our issues. We hear and see reflected in others, both similarities and differences. Groups support each other and pay witness to the individuality and uniqueness of others. We are moved and stimulated by others, as we realise that we all experience both adversity and growth throughout our lifetimes, finding our own understanding and solutions to not just personal but collective healing and transformation.

Group art therapy reveal the human condition from a unique and individual perspective in company with others uncovering their own processes and outcomes. We will utilises the creative/art process in whatever form you choose to journey into your inner self. Choosing from an array of art materials, or items found in nature, through music, dance, words, prose, metaphor, storytelling, and myth, we begin to explore our individual and unique expressions. This may at times be painful, change can be a challenge, however, when we travel on our own individual journey we experience new worlds with new understandings and new outcomes

Benefits of art therapy group work include:

*Meditation/Mindfulness practice
*Insight into interpersonal relationships
*Communication Skills
*Personal Development
*Social Skills
*Opportunities for sharing with those who have experienced similar life experiences.
*Creative expression in a non judgemental environment

John O’Malley is an accredited (IACAT) art therapist at The Dublin Creative Therapy Centre from where he has run his private practice for the last seven years. He has over decades experience in facilitating group art therapy workshops.


Thank you so much for a magical course! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. I was surprised by just how engaging it was! Art is not something I usually sit down and do. I was amazed at how quickly and peaceful it was to engage in the creative tasks. It also made me have a beautiful sense of self awareness. Thanks so much to an incredibly interesting, friendly, positive and authentic facilitator!” Mary

I didnt think I would get as much from this course as I did. I thouraghly enjoyed the process of working through all the elements. A brilliant experience. Thank you for allowing me to feel likeme” Aisling

A really fantastic course. Such a wonderful and safe environment that provided great comfort to explore and open up to the group. Wonderful experience.”

Early booking is recommended as places are limited.

No previous art experience necessary!

For futher information or an application form please contact:

087 979 0486