Smart Art! Expressive arts and creative activity for the workplace

Many corporations and businesses today are seeking cost-effective ways to reduce workplace stresses, and provide preventative health care training and education. Corporations will find that the arts evoke responses and create outcomes that are different from traditional training and personal development programs Words can be limiting in terms of self-expression and communication. Art making engages the imagination and stretches the mind far beyond the verbal capacity, presenting a uniquely different, practical and creative approach to experiential learning. Insight can be gained to foster personal creativity and productivity. It releases tension and often demonstrates that order can be created out of chaos.

Our sessions can be designed to focus on objectives ranging from stress reduction and relaxation to team building and developing creativity in the workplace. Each workshop includes hands-on art experiences to provide participants with the opportunity to use alternative approaches to communicating ideas and problem solving.

Why expressive art in the workplace?

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Enhanced team communication and interaction
  • Relationship building
  • Problem solving
  • Social intelligence
  • Engages employees right brain
  • Spontaneity, relaxation & fun
  • Self and team empowerment
  • Confidence building, self-validation
  • Increased motivation and respect amongst team members
  • Freedom to make decisions
  • Experiment with and test out new and progressive ideas
  • Building strengths of team members

The location of the workshops can be determined by the sponsoring employer. We can conduct workshops onsite at your company or at The Dublin Creative Therapy Centre. Our team can design programmes to suit your company or organization needs.

Examples of programmes:

Developing Personal Potential

  • Using the Arts to Re-charge your batteries
  • Communicating Creatively
  • Relax, Relearn and Revitalize: Art-making through Guided Imagery
  • Your Professional Journey: Crossroads, Obstacles and Detours
  • Creating a Personal Treasure Map: Developing Goals and Desires
  • Self-Circles: How to Avoid Going around in Circles

Enhancing Personal and Team Creativity

  • Motivating People Creativity
  • Creative Problem Solving Techniques
  • The Art of Avoiding Burnout
  • Harnessing Creativity in the Workplace
  • Creating Failure: Learning to Live with your Mistakes

Improving Teamwork and Creativity

  • Creative Techniques to Enhance Team Building
  • Exploring the Creative Process
  • Humour and Art as Coping Strategies
  • The Art of Letting Go
  • Building Self-Awareness and creative thinking skills
  • Border Patrol: Recognizing our Boundaries

In addition, we can be an adjunct to your Employee Assistance Program by offering services for employees dealing with personal issues that can affect the workplace environment using art therapy techniques. Some of these include:

  • Stress
  • Coping with divorce and separation
  • Addiction
  • Dealing with bereavement and loss

Complete confidentiality is maintained in these sessions for all employees participating. We would be happy to discuss designing the appropriate therapeutic program for your employees.