Art Therapy

Art Psychotherapy, also known as art therapy, is a confidential, non-judgmental process in which tailored creative interventions are used for reflection and exploration of emotions and life experiences to promote growth and positive change in the presence of a professional trained art therapist.

In an art therapy session various art media such as paints, clay, collage, and other expressive interventions such as sand-tray work, are utilised to help a client fully express and explore their emotions and make sense of difficult life experiences. Like other forms of psychotherapy and counselling, art therapy is used to encourage personal growth, increase self-understanding and improve self-awareness. It can assist with emotional reparation, resolving inner conflicts and gaining a sense of control over difficult emotions and life situations. Art therapy can be beneficial in working with many issues including:

  • trauma
  • psycho-social issues
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • relationship difficulties
  • addiction/eating disorders
  • bereavement and loss.